Best Tools to Use for Web Conferencing


Video conferencing is really nothing new for all those employed in the entertainment industry and definitely not. But it has been a crucial optional service over the last few months, allowing companies to retain as many employees around the world from their own homes.

There are several wonderful options available for video conferencing, several of which are integrated with our daily devices. But have you still stopped thinking about what you still want as your default video conference tool?

Here, we put all three of the finest video conference resources to show the benefits and disadvantages of each one (in no special order). Each of them has a demo version or a free preview where you can go before you decide to buy it.


Since the lockdown started, zoom use has erupted from everyone to mates, and committee meetings have taken place. It’s not exactly clear why, but most apps, like those on this list, equal or surpass most features. However, anecdotal data shows that Zoom is simple to use, stable and reliable. Right now, the internet rates and access are such a postcode gamble, it’s impossible to quantify science, but something can be said about the wisdom of crowds.

The free version of Zoom enables you to invite up to 100 users, and up to 49 could be seen on the phone. Participants can participate through the app, their web browser or even a typical phone call. Unlimited video-quality meetings could be organized; the meetings can be recorded locally, and online assistance is available 24/7. You should also incorporate zoom backgrounds that are now becoming such a cultural norm if you want to add color and fun to your meetings.

However, with Zoom, there are two major problems. Firstly, sessions will only run up to 40 minutes underneath the freely planned procedure. (Naturally, this should be seen as an advantage rather than an inconvenience, avoiding prolonged meetings). Secondly, there are the number of safety problems with zoom, particularly the “zoom bombing” epidemic, where unexpected trolls interrupt meetings sometimes with obscenity and racism.

In the past couple of weeks, Zoom has struggled to exacerbate these security vulnerabilities and has implemented new steps, such as password-protection entries. However, their attempts have not been sufficiently fast to deter certain policymakers and major businesses from prohibiting their use.


Skype Meet Now

One of Microsoft’s initial video chat software remains powerful, and the greatest advantage, to say little, is that so many guests are familiar with the application for video conferencing. So it doesn’t have to do it all.

Also, in its free room, Skype Meet Now provides outstanding video conference capabilities. This includes group calls for up to 50, screen sharing and, above all, the ability to blur backgrounds automatically. Calls could also be recorded, and communications subtitled live. Members may use their web browser, laptop and smartphone applications to use Skype.

Notice further that if you are a member of Office 365, you will still be able to be using Skype for Business, where up to 250 people are invited, 24/7 phone service is included, as well as some nice integrations are included in the Office 365 Suite.


Google Hangouts

One of the organizations that recently prohibited Zoom internally was Google because it already has its very own video conference platforms. Video calls of up to 10 people can be made through Google Hangouts, its very own free IM platform.

Hangouts could be very easily and intuitively used, which enables users to start talking in their web browsers or via iOS, Android, or Chrome applications with only a few clicks and to set up a meeting with individuals, like Google Calendar and Gmail. It doesn’t have that many technical features, but it’s easy and simple to use on the plus side.


Final Words

So these were the three best video conferencing tools that you can use during this time of pandemic to manage your business and to have to look down on your employees.


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