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When a person wakes up, he doesn’t ask for coffee or tea. He asks for news and the latest updates. The person wishes to stay updated at all times as it may affect his business and upcoming projects. The climatic conditions, political conditions and environmental conditions are all major factors that can make the market go places. People lose a lot of money and, on the other side, make a lot of money. It is just the knowledge that a person wishes to have at all times.


Is Covid-19 still a concern?

Covid-19, which caused a global pandemic, took the United States Of America by storm with most cases and death polls. The country was majorly struck, and no one could do anything about it. The lockdown was implemented all over the country as the contact of viruses was very strong. All the restaurants, party places, offices, and colleges were shut. The entire global economy was shaken as there was no cure to it. Every day thousands of people were being tested for the disease. Slowly the situation was coming under control as people had started following all the safety protocols and guidelines. It was surely difficult for the government to keep people at home for a longer time. The place of enjoyment was opened with certain restrictions and social distancing guidelines. Now, the current situation with the vaccine being put into implementation, about twenty-one per cent of the residents has been given the first shot of the vaccine that is one out of five citizens. The major concern being reported is that not many people are taking covid-19 tests as they self-quarantine themselves if they feel any symptom. People gave up on social distancing and every other restriction hoping that it is not as serious as it was in January 2020.


The security update by Apple

It has become very common for people to track other person location through a small tracer or tracking permission in the application. This completely puts the privacy of a person at risk. It becomes unsafe for people to travel alone as the person tracking might not have good intentions, and he might fall into a trap. People are not aware of such tracking devices or application permission. This safety concern was taken care of by the Apple technical team. They are planning on launching a new security update. A user will get to know if he is being tracked through a small tracking device or if an application is giving access to his location to the developer or any other person. The attack of these third-party applications has been on the rise. They even plant a malicious bug which then clones the user’s phone to the developer’s phone, and whatever the user does is recorded in the cloned device. This is a threat and a big concern for various privacy issues. Soon the issue will be solved for all Apple users. There is a reason for Apple being expensive because the quality of tech support and security system you get is unimaginable.


A vision of growing employment

This global pandemic took away millions of job positions, leaving people unemployed and homeless. The economy went severely down, and it looked like a global recession and economic crisis. People all over the world were suffering from money problems. Many houses did not get food on their table due to no income. It was seen that many people had to sell their house or give it on ease to fill their stomachs. The condition was getting worse day by day. With the improvement in the global coronavirus situation and the introduction of a vaccine, the people could catch their breath as the country’s opening again would mean the economy’s opening. Suddenly, a rise in employment for daily wage workers was seen as looking for manual help workers relocated their office things and warehouses. The President of The United States Of America has a vision of making America a 1.9 trillion dollar economy. His vision of creating jobs and employment to curb the falling unemployment graph is phenomenal. The country is open to hundreds of thousands of job openings to provide people with job opportunities. It has been seen that with the next couple of years, the United States Of America will be having thousands of job openings in various sector and people from all over the world could participate in making the economy of America grow.


The major change seen in the market after the improved situation of covid-19 was the rise in jobs and motivation to work. People could now buy their monthly supplies and groceries with the money they are earning. The government’s support in such tough times of providing necessary food items to families who still have no income source is pure and emotional. People have a lot of faith in the government and their support.



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