Summer Fun: 5 Best Baby Pool Floats

Summer Fun: 5 Best Baby Pool Floats

Are neck floats for babies safe?

Floats for babies’ necks are too dangerous to use as an introduction to water, so we do not recommend using one. The only seam on the neck float means that if it fails, the baby will quickly be swept under water.

We understand that if there is an inflatable float that resembles an exotic animal on today’s market, you might be tempted to choose it based on its cuteness. Choosing the right pool float depends on four key factors: safety features, sun protection, and convenience.
There are pool floats that let babies’ arms and legs tread water while they circle their necks. Experts recommend avoiding these products because of drowning and suffocation risks. Despite their potential to increase motor development, these products may cause injury. You should instead choose floats that attach to your baby’s chest or waist.
 Floats with extra safety features, such as leak-resistant materials, inner springs for stability, seat straps, and child safety valves, are recommended. Ensure that your baby is within the weight and age limits before using a float, and always supervise his or her activities in the water.
Parents should not disregard functionality when it comes to safety features. They should also fold for convenient transportation and storage.

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