Trikes, which are tricycles with three wheels, have been around for decades, but they have recently seen a surge in popularity from manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, Can-Am, Polaris, and even Honda. Trikes are becoming increasingly popular as modes of transportation, and one reason may be that they are more stable than two-wheeled motorcycles and easier to manage for older riders.
There are some significant differences between riding a trike and a motorcycle. On a trike, steering is done solely by pushing the handlebar to the left or right, while on a motorcycle, steering is done by counter steering and then leaning your body and the motorcycle to turn. The concept of steering versus leaning can be quite challenging for experienced motorcycle riders, which is why beginners or those who have never ridden a motorcycle find it much easier to pick up riding a trike much faster than those who have been riding for a long time.
Check out our favorite options below if you’re interested in getting a trike or three-wheeled motorcycle.


The Neowing has aggressive lines, angular bodywork, and a grille and headlight assembly that look like an insect’s head, making it difficult not to picture it as a praying mantis ripping into anyone in its path. A dual exhaust straddling either side of the bike’s rear wheel adds a bit of symmetry to the single-sided swingarm but still gives a full view of the left rear wheel. Due to the Neowing’s nature as a motorcycle, as opposed to a scooter like the MP3, we may be able to attract the interest of hard-core motorcycle enthusiasts-and maybe even gain their acceptance.


This bike has the traditional H-D styling, including its smooth flowing lines, chromed nacelle, and 2″ ape hanger handlebars. Like the Tri Glide, it’s powered by a 103ci Twin Cam engine and 6-speed transmission.. However, instead of the Rushmore Twin Cooled setup found in the Tri Glide, this bike is air cooled and comes with an integrated oil cooler to help manage engine heat. Freewheelers, which have no fairing to block the wind, provide an in-the-wind feeling, but with an extra rear wheel for stability.

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